"You've Changed"

First of all, I’d hope so.

Secondly, I know.

I was talking to my friends recently and a few of them agreed that I had seemingly changed the most since high school and I don’t disagree. I feel like a completely different person.

I’m about to start my third week of classes. It’s officially my sophomore year at Loyola Marymount and things are starting to look up when compared to my last couple months living in La Cañada. I’ve has so many moments the last few days where I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of love in my heart, which is an amazing feeling.

Back to change.

I’ve noticed a few things recently that I have been doing that have been polar opposites than the things that were apart of my routine in high school, so I thought I would share those. Everything I’m going to mention have brought clarity, comfort, or happy feelings, so I hope that they could bring you those types of goodness, too.

  1. I’ve been sitting at the front of all my classes. Always the first row. It’s helped me participate more and your professors learn your name much faster. Smile at your professors!!

  2. I’ve been saying hi to everyone I know and always say their name. People are much more happy to interact with you and they start acknowledging you first. So cool!! It makes me feel so good.

  3. Ask for help. The people around you, if they are decent people, should be willing to help you out. Don’t be afraid to show a little doubt or vulnerability.

  4. Compliment people. It makes them feel so good! And it helps you make friends so much faster. Literally in my classes I’ve talked to so many more people than I usually do just because I’ve complimented them and they end up feeling comfortable enough to initiate conversations.

  5. Also, get a planner. Shower before class. Drink good coffee. Go to bed and wake up early. Try not to nap if it makes you feel groggy. LOVE YOUR FRIENDS!

Lizzie Bromley