You Can Always Come to Me

This summer, I’ve been going through a few hard times, but it hasn’t been the worst. However, it got to the point where I confided in one of my friends about how I was struggling with where I was. She was great about it, but at the end of our conversation, she said you can always come to me. This got me thinking.    

When people say “you can always come to me”, “I’m always available to talk”, “I’ll always be there for you”, and similar phrases, I know they mean well. They’re saying that they’ll always be around if I reach out to them in times of need, they’ll always support me, they’ll listen to my every thought and make me feel validated. And that’s amazing. And that’s good to know. And I appreciate the sentiment. But that doesn’t go far with me or anyone really.

If I’m feeling down, depressed, or worthless, I’m not going to have the energy to reach out to you with hope that you could fix all my problems. I’m not going to want to burden you. I don’t want to ruin your day by telling you that I really need help right now. I’m more likely to sit in my bed under the covers wishing you’d text me asking me how I’ve been lately, just to catch up, or ask me to hangout.

I love knowing that I’ll always have a friend in you, but you sending me a random Snapchat with a reminder that you love me would go so much farther than your advice after I reach out to you.


Lizzie Bromley