Winter Break

Soooo, I know I usually do a day-by-day breakdown (and those will be back), but winter break is really long so I don’t really want to do that. Instead, I’ll give you the highlights.

Jessie turned 19 so Avery, Katie, and I spent a few days in Agoura Hills! I saw Phebe! I babysat! I spent a couple days with Jack in Palos Verdes! I turned 19! I had Christmas Eve at the Geller’s like always! Christmas! I went to San Francisco with my mom! I went to Palos Verdes again! I picked up Emily from LAX and we went to Calabasas to see Jessie and her friends! I dropped Emily off at LMU at 5 AM on New Year’s Day! I brought Jack home! I went back to Agoura Hills! I went to the Museum of Death and the Museum of Broken Relationships with my mom! I cleaned my room! I hungout with Ella and Mahli! We had a dinner party at my house! I went back to Agoura to get Avery! I picked up Dennis from LAX! I visited the Building Block! I went back to LMU! Jack came over! I went to Her Campus! The end!

I will admit, there was excitement, but this was ultimately a disappointing winter break. Let’s hope spring/summer are better.

Lizzie Bromley