What I'm Grateful For

We’re about to get serious. Cue the world’s smallest violin.

About a week ago, I was in a bad place. I had some hours of weakness, anxiety, and sadness and I pretty much completely broke down. I was questioning myself, my relationship with God, and I guess my faith in general. I quite literally laid on my back crying in pain for an hour and proceeded to lay in a hammock and cry myself to sleep.

I was in Guyana on a faith-based cultural immersion with some other LMU students and faculty, which I’ll post about after I can get my thoughts all together, when we had a reflection about what we’re grateful for. In that moment, I was not grateful for anything. I tried to be, but I wasn’t. But now that I’m feeling better, I figured that I would talk about ten things that I’m feeling particularly grateful for at this moment.

  1. Pictures. Whether they’re taken on a DSLR, an iphone, or a disposable, I am always grateful for pictures. I love them. I’m also grateful for editing photos on VSCO, photoshop, and Afterlight.

  2. My education. I complain about La Cañada a lot, but I did have some great teachers. And I learned a lot. And I’m continuing to learn a lot at Loyola Marymount. Thank you, school!

  3. My friends. I love my friends with my entire being. Whether I see them everyday, once a week, haven’t seen them in months, or even years, I have been so blessed to have met and befriended so many amazing people on this earth during my 20 years. It’s actually mind boggling when I think about it.

  4. My sorority. Pi Beta Phi continues to push me to be a better person, student, friend, and sister. My fellow angels have uplifted me, inspired me, and encouraged me. I am so grateful for everything they do for me and I hope I can be the same light for them as they are for me.

  5. God, obviously. And church bells. And Greek Light. Do I need to say more? I swear that I have days where my faith is the only thing I think about. Pretty much everything that happens, I’m always thinking TYJ.

  6. Palm trees. They remind me of home, the beach, Los Angeles, and good times. I just love them.

  7. Creative outlets. I would definitely say that Brisk Ambition is my #1 creative outlet, but I guess I’m also thankful for Instagram and Twitter because I treat those like creative outlets, too.

  8. Opportunities. I feel like I hit the jackpot sometimes. I go to a beautiful school in a beautiful city and I always have something to do, something to see, or something to smile about. I feel so lucky. I am very fortunate.

  9. Good music. This has kinda been more of a recent thing for me. Whenever I’m at school I pretty much abandon music and only listen to the news or podcasts, but this semester I’ve been listening to a lot of music and...wait for it...singing.  If you know me, I never sing. Maybe in my car if I’m alone. But these last few weeks I’ve been singing! When I walk around! When I’m alone! In front of my friends! At church! It’s crazy.

  10. Driving. This is kinda random, but I literally just love to drive. I love to drive across Los Angeles, to In-N-Out, alone, with my friends, in traffic, at 4 AM, literally any point at any time. The biggest shoutout to Katie for encouraging my addiction...despite...hurdles. AKA...my license is expired. And has been for 3 months. But I have an appointment at the DMV and I know that they’re going to ask me how I got there and no matter what the truth is I’m going to say Uber!

Those are the things on my mind right now. Obviously there are a lot of others, I could probably go on forever, but I can save some for another time. Until then, this is Lizzie signing off.


Lizzie Bromley