Spring Break

It’s officially been a year since my first life update! This is pretty exciting. It’s interesting to see how much my life has changed since my trips to Austin and Tucson and my hikes with Ella and Mahli. Needless to say, this spring break was completely different.


My spring break officially started on March 3rd at 12:30, but it didn’t totally feel that way because I was still recovering from having such a busy week. However, it was the day we decided to celebrate Katie’s birthday (my beloved roommate). We spent a little bit of the day prepping for birthday festivities, but the real party started around 3 o’clock when Mackenzie, Avery, Jessie, Katie and I went to Urth Caffe in Hollywood on Melrose. It was a lot of fun to be with my friends and was especially fun to try everyone’s smoothies and juices (I got a latte).

Then we went to Griffith Observatory to take pictures and we totally lucked out and got an amazing parking spot towards to stop, so we really didn’t have to walk too far. The pictures we took were awesome, the view and sunset were amazing, and I love love love my friends. It was really nice to be with everyone (except Aisea *sad*).

We drove back to LMU after the sunset, but we ended up being right next to a hit and run accident involving a motorcycle. I saw the whole thing, so it was pretty traumatic, but after a few days I ended up feeling a lot better. Shoutout to Avery for calling 911.

When we finally got back to LMU, Jack came over, and we celebrated Katie!


I officially came home Saturday, but I spent a lot of the day doing homework and writing articles for the other platforms I write for until I hang out with Ella.

Ella, like always, is an amazing person and I will apologize forever if you never have the pleasure of meeting her. My best friend through thick and thin, I love her with all my heart. It’s hard to be friends with someone who lets you drag her to the Apple Store to pick up your new phone case (which ends up sucking because it’s white and not pink like you wanted RIP me)!!!


These 4 days were definitely the highlight of my spring break. My boyfriend, Jack, and I drove up to San Francisco for a few days to stay with my grandparents and it was amazing. It was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever had and it was so nice that Jack could finally meet some of my favorite people, Lynne and Dennis Bromley!

I could talk forever about this trip, but I will say a few highlights. Golden Gate Bridge, walking a mile in the rain for sandwiches, dinner at Katie’s house with her family (I finally got to meet her brother), Jack watching the Bachelor with me, SFMOMA, Walnut Creek, Fenton’s with my grandparents, and the outlet mall. I am so, so grateful that this all worked out. Genuinely so much fun. Shoutout to Jack for dealing with me!


My mom and I got up early to go to USC to pick up the Acura, but we also got breakfast with Dillon at Jack and Joe’s, a place with pretty good pancakes (but nothing compared to the Original House of Pancakes). I then got back to La Cañada to visit the high school (Lively, Carroll, Valassidis, and Zooi). It was fun! It’s always nice to see some of the people who I used to see five days a week, people who helped shape me.


This day will sound really lame because I literally just drove down to LMU again to clean my room. However, I will argue that it was so worth it and I would definitely do it again. Easy. It took me like 5 hours and I probably could’ve gone longer. It was so clean. So. clean.


Another great day! I woke up early (again) and went to jump rope to visit and get my level 1 judged training done. It was nice to see everyone, but especially Eva! I then took her to her piano practice, visited the YMCA (Mahli, Agnes, Megan, Camille, and Sophie were working #DreamTeam), picked up Eva, picked up Mahli, and then hung out at my house until Tom picked up Eva. Then, Mahli and I went to Ichi Ban and caught up, which is always nice. I spent a few more hours in La Cañada until I drove back down to LMU, hang out with Jack, and went to sleep for the first time in 302 without someone else! It was crazy. Also, totally forgot it was Daylight Savings.


Like every other Sunday, I slept in and did homework. People slowly started coming back, which is always so much fun. I wished my brother a happy birthday, did some Pi Phi stuff and thought about how the Bachelor finale was the next day (I called Vanessa night one, talk about #Basic).

All in all, I had a pretty good Spring Break :)

Lizzie Bromley