Second Semester Sophomore

It’s official! Another semester has come and gone, which is so crazy. I’m almost halfway through college. Please don’t let that be true!!

This semester has been tough. Challenging in many ways. I would be lying if I said everything was great. I pretty much always had something to complain about and was constantly feeling the weight of the world around me. But to that I say: “who cares lmao”.

This semester may have sent me to hell and back, but I was so beyond ecstatic to be back at LMU after this summer that every day still felt like the biggest blessing. This is yet another year that I rather stay at LMU than go home for break. That is a crazy blessing that I cannot deny!

Some good things that happened this semester: Jack transferred to LMU, Greek Light, I’m going on an IC Trip (Guyana and Brazil!), I’m a recruitment counselor, I made more new friends, Katie’s a film major, Jessica and Aisea got into study abroad, I made some more friends in my sorority, I’m officially a journalism minor (AKA took my first course, finally), my mom visited me more, Greek Getaway, so many crazy answered prayers, Her Campus totally blossomed, etc, etc.

Thank you, Jesus, for being with me more than you ever have and leading me to the greatness I strive to achieve in this lifetime. This is the real deal guys!! Sophomore slump has nothing on me (yet).

Things to look forward to: two new roommates (hi Megan and Allie), recruitment, Greek Conference, working, Costa Rica, Guyana, Brazil, new classes, fun with Katie, keeping up with Jessica and Aisea, etc, etc.


Lizzie Bromley