Second Semester

I’m pretty sure every week this semester I ended up saying “I’m just having a hard week”.

But it’s hard to admit that because bad days at LMU are still infinitely better than a bad day in my hometown.

Academically, this semester was challenging. I was talking two classes I really wasn’t interested in (philosophical inquiry and rhetorical arts, both requirements from LMU). Rhetorical arts was challenging in the sense that I had a particular distaste (hatred) for my professor, but philosophy was challenging because I had a hard time with the assignments and content of the class. Let’s just say that I’m actively trying to forget about all of my rhetorical arts professor directed aggressions and trying to focus on the fact that I still got a good grade. Despite getting 2% removed from my final because I used a binder clip instead of a staple (he never mentioned that using a binder clip would result in a deduction, nor is it in the syllabus). On the other hand, just trying to forget the one assignment that kinda killed me in philosophy. Still got a grade I was somewhat happy with, but still. That one assignment!

On the other hand, my other two classes were great. Chicano/a Studies was so interesting and I was very happy with my whole experience in that class (there was one annoying kid, but other than that and the occasional uncomfortable moments, it was a lot of fun). My communications class was also really great, but I had trouble adjusting to it because the assignments were unclear at times and I wasn’t sure how the class was exactly structured.

I did hit a lull in the second quarter of the semester where I was having trouble motivating myself to get to classes, but that quickly passed. Thank goodness.

Socially, this semester was pretty comfortable. I’m still friends with all my mains from first semester, but I also joined a sorority. Sorority life is interesting, to say the least, there are definitely moments where I’m unsure of my place, but it’s not enough where I’d consider leaving. That was definitely a thought in my mind before initiation, but my family (my big Eva, grand-big Sarita, and great-grand-big Jess) are definitely the reasons I ultimately didn’t even talk to anyone (ex: the Chapter President) about it.

There were a few issues during the semester that hit me pretty hard (no break-ups!), but things like that happen everywhere and anywhere. However, I will say that I feel like I did finish my freshman year on a bad note socially. I love my friends, but I was and am currently facing moral dilemmas.

Other than a few hard hits, second semester was good. I don’t think you could pay me to leave Loyola Marymount. Definitely, definitely found my place.

Lizzie Bromley