May 16, 2017

Today I wished Emily and Sofia with a happy two year anniversary with a text to our old group message and realized, again, how different my life is from May 16, 2016.

A year ago I was sitting in my AP English class when I realized just how fast life was passing by. Now, as I sit in my boyfriend’s car, I can confidently say that life is still going way too fast, I’m having trouble catching up. This is the second installment of my (hopefully) yearly May 16th update!

First of all, I graduated high school. Got my diploma, hugged Mr. Mcfeat, left LCHS with an empty heart.

I’ve dyed my hair only once, the least amount in one year since I was in 8th grade.

Hillary Clinton lost the election, Donald Trump is our president.

Smoking weed recreationally is now legal in California.

I quit my job at the YMCA.

Julia moved from California to Oregon (and I miss her a lot).

Ella was a debutante and committed to the University of San Francisco.

I got my second lobe piercing, my nose pierced and let it heal!

I decorated my graduation cap, bought my graduation gown, and had my last bible study with the usual group.

I went on a highly anticipated first date.

I started at Loyola Marymount University.

I met the infamous Katie Polk (who turned out to be the greatest roommate and best friend) and everyone else on the 3rd floor of Doheny.

I made new best friends (Jessie, Aisea, Mackenzie, and Avery)

One of my best friends broke my heart.

I’m still unsure if this is true, but I think Ben and Lauren broke up.

Rachel got her heart broken by Nick Viall, who got engaged to Vanessa and then became the bachelorette.

I went from a senior to freshman, lost friends, got some awards, gave my final IP presentation, and turned 19.

I went to Ohio, Universal Studios, Griffith Observatory, San Francisco, LACMA, and so many other places.

I went to San Francisco with my boyfriend.

I went to the beach and In-N-Out more times than I can count.

I watched the 2017 LCF Royal Court get crowned.

I became a certified Competitive Jump Rope judge for the second time.

I saw my favorite band live.

I ate like a thousand bagels.

I had to give up a friendship with a boy who told me he loved me to take a chance on someone else.

I had my last day at LCHS.

I moved to Westchester and got a new address.

I joined a sorority and was suddenly a part of a family (s/o to E, S, and J).

I went to two date nights and one formal.

I went to my first college party and spent Halloween weekend at USC.

I spent the actual Halloween in Long Beach at port St. Mary’s.

I went to Chinatown like a hundred times.

I retired from jump rope.

I finished my first year of college.

There wasn’t a single day where I questioned if LMU was the right choice for me, and for that I am grateful.

Today it was May 16th and a lot has changed since last year and a lot will change forever.

Next summer, on May 16th, I’m excited to see how I, and everyone else, has changed since today in Jack’s car.

Lizzie Bromley