May 16, 2018

Any day can be a significant day if you decide to make it one.

Today I texted Emily and Sofia a happy three-year anniversary message and noticed, again, how different my life is from May 16, 2017! Similar looking, but different feeling.

A year ago I was sitting in a car on my way to Blaze Pizza when I realized just how fast life was passing by yet again. Now, as I sit on my couch in La Cañada, I can confidently say again that life is still going way too fast and I will probably always be having trouble catching up (i.e: haven’t unpacked since I moved home a week and a half ago). Welcome to the third installment of my yearly May 16th update!

First of all, let me just say that this past year I have felt the most internal transformation out of any other year. Multiple people have pointed out to me that I “seem a good way” and I’m so thankful for that. I didn’t realize it at the time, but last summer I was in a very negative headspace that was not positively influencing anyone whatsoever. I talked to one of my friends about it the other day and she agreed that it was hard to see me go through last summer and even my mom admitted to me that she thought there was something very wrong. I’m very pleased to say that I am doing much better than I was a year ago. So much better.

Let’s talk about changes and milestones.

First things first, Tower of Eza became Brisk Ambition.

I did not dye my hair and got no piercings, but I did get three haircuts (including a professional one for the first time in a very long time).

I started and completed my sophomore year at Loyola Marymount University.

I went to Disneyland! Twice! With so many of my favorite people!

I lost some friends, made some friends, reconnected with friends, bonded with friends, kissed some friends, danced with some friends, etc. I did a lot with my friends.

I was both Pi Beta Phi Angel of the Week and MVP this spring.

I spoke at Convocation, had my first Lip Sync Battle, and met Ashley I.

I moved out of my childhood bedroom (sad).

I picked my Maid of Honor (extremely premature, I know, but it’s going to be great)!

I almost dropped my sorority but decided not to. Consequently embarked on what has been the greatest adventure (insert Greek Light, best friends, and Collegiate Panhellenic Council Executive Board).

I went to Greek Getaway, Greek Conference, and AFLV.

I babysat a l o t.

I was pretty much forced into moving off-campus, so I got my first apartment. Shoutout to PDO!

I saw two of my favorite bands live (Neck Deep and Blink-182) and committed to seeing two of my other favorite bands by next May 16th! Pray that next update will include State Champs (again) and The Wonder Years...maybe Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, and Knuckle Puck. We’ll see who comes around.

I saw a lot of goats. More than I have ever seen in a year. Remarkable!

I drove to San Francisco by myself for the first time.

I got into spinning and then had it ruined for me (sad!). Hoping to pick it up again.

I won a $500 voucher for apparel in a raffle and got 23 hats for my bible study for $20. Insane!

I found out that I’m gluten-intolerant and possibly lactose intolerant, too.

I lived with one roommate and a total of 4 suitemates.

I fell out of love (I don’t know when) (#drama).

I turned twenty!

I drove to LAX a ridiculous amount of times.

I started another Snapchat streak with Brandon. Good idea or bad? We’ll see.

I got a new phone and cried in an Apple Store!

I went to two formals, one date night, a lot of college parties, and a few exchanges.

I joined and became president of a bible study.

I went to Costa Rica, Guyana, and Brazil.

A country no one can pronounce, no one knows of, no one has been to, and everyone thinks is in Africa broke my heart

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend (twice).

I made like $250 on RedBubble.

I officially started studying journalism and changed my major.

I refocused my life on God and started going to Mass on Sunday nights.

I got two littles!

I decided to apply to move to Washington, D.C. next summer!

I committed to start RCIA in the Fall. TYJ!

I cried in front of my entire sorority (thanks, Sarita).

I started my first GoFundMe and was reminded of the powers of community, love, and faith. Best ~30 hours of my life. PPL forever and ever.

A majority of my friends committed to Study Abroad and broke my heart into a million pieces!

I wrote a lot of Her Campus articles, was elected to E-Board, and was Member of the Week a few times.

I did a lot. I got A’s in classes, my eyebrows done, went to Target like a thousand times, went on Tumblr again, started new spreadsheets, cried once or twice (or like three hundred times), became a gif queen, lost myself, found myself, prayed a lot, read the New York Times more than I ever have, and stopped ignoring red flags. I learned a lot about myself and those around me. I posted my longest blog post I ever have (To Guyana). I screamed The Front Bottoms at the top of my lungs on a car ride home from LAX.

And yet again, there wasn’t a single day I questioned if LMU was the right choice for me and for that I am grateful.

Today it is May 16th and a lot has changed since last year and a lot will always change forever.

Next summer, on May 16th, I’m excited to see how I, and everyone else, has changed since today! I hope everything is different.

In a good way.

Lizzie Bromley