May 16, 2016

Today, On May 16th, 2016, I realized something that hit me pretty hard.

A lot had changed in the past year, and a lot would change within the next year that goes by.

I was sitting in my English class on this fine Monday morning when I remembered that it is the Prom I planned with Sofia and Emily’s one year anniversary today. Not only was our senior prom 2 days ago, but graduation is only 11 days away. Our prom, which felt like yesterday, was 365 days ago.

However, it only really felt like yesterday until I realized how much had changed since then.

Not only had I dyed my hair an upwards of 8 times, but I got an actual job.

Gay marriage was legalized and David Bowie and Alan Rickman passed away.

I tried out, got to the final round, and didn’t get Rose Court, only to write my personal statement on it.

Serina moved, Ella got concussed, and Mahli got her nose pierced.

I lost one of my childhood friends and my beloved cat, Zuko.

I started applying to, applied, got in, and committed to college.

My #1 school changed from Pepperdine University, to University of San Francisco, to Loyola Marymount University.

Jojo got her heart broken by Ben H., who got engaged to Lauren B., and became the Bachelorette.

I joined, quit, re-joined, and re-quit Tinder.

I went from a junior to senior, changed friend groups, became ASB VP, TACH VP, gave a speech to the incoming freshman class, completed my IP, got a new laptop, and turned 18.

I went to Austin, Disneyland, Catalina, the Zoo, LACMA, and so many other places for the first time in years.

I flew to San Francisco to visit my grandma alone.

I had about 7 bonfires on top of countless beach trips.

I made new friends and lost one or two along the way.

I watched the 2016 LCF Royal Court get crowned.

I watched my double dutch team fall apart.

I became a certified Competitive Jump Rope judge.

I met, got together, and broke up with, and stopped talking to a boy who told me he loved me.

I had my last Homecoming, Winter Formal, Mr. LC, high school football and basketball seasons, and my last Monte Carlo.

I had my last first day in La Cañada.

Today I took out a Post-It note and wrote, “it’s May 16th and a lot has changed since last year and a lot will change forever”.

Next summer, on May 16th, I’m excited to see how I, and everyone else, has changed since today in Mr. Power’s class.

Lizzie Bromley