What is it like being an INFJ?

People like me are usually imaginative, creative, and sensitive. I hate to admit it, but I’m a private person, and I take time to get to know people and to let others get to know me. I probably have a small group of close and trusted friends, and am generally cautious about jumping into new social situations. People often describe me as thoughtful and empathetic, and I will always try hard to please the people I care about. Though I am outwardly quiet, I have strong feelings and opinions, especially about the way people should treat one another. I am very committed to my beliefs, so I have trouble backing down or compromising my ideals just to get other peoples' approval. I can be somewhat of a perfectionist. People often disappoint me and since it's hard for me to stay objective, I often get my feelings hurt.

I also love to fantasize about the future, and I enjoy creative activities like writing, music, and art. I’m very organized, efficient, and inventive about getting my work done, and I’m a responsible and respectful person. Since I like to have a plan of action, I tend to get flustered by sudden changes and need plenty of time to adjust to or prepare for new experiences. I like spending time alone and while I may like doing things with your good friends, I am typically not the one who initiates social activities. Since I’m a good listener, people trust me and are often amazed by the original insights I have about others. I naturally look below the surface to understand the deeper meaning in every experience and interaction.

Lizzie Bromley