Hearing 'I Miss You'

I was recently notified of something that I hadn’t really ever considered. I’m a lot of talk.

I make plans and I don’t always follow through. I don’t necessarily mean I make false promises, but I like to come up with big life changes and once I tell everyone about them, I get unmotivated. Or I just lose interest. Or I forget about it.

This got me thinking about the difference between actions and words.

For a very long time, I was one of those people who said: “I just care about your intentions”.

If you intended to workout that day, that’s good enough. If you intended to tell me about that one crazy thing that happened to you, that’s okay. If you intended to update me on your plans, I’d forgive you.

Until I started hearing “I miss you” and “I want to see you” from people who feel so close.

If you want to see me, see me. If you want to visit me, visit me. I keep getting my hopes up and to have them be constantly thrown down is affecting my friendships and my views of people. I'm starting to feel so alone.

When I’m around you, reach out. If you’re thinking about me, let me know. Be honest if you’re busy, be honest if you know you won’t make the effort.

You can talk to me with words, but they will never mean as much to me as actions.

I know that you intended to see me, and I can appreciate that to an extent, but if you want to see me, see me.

It's hard to feel love if you're not sure it's there.

Lizzie Bromley