First Two Weeks

Long story short, I've been pretty busy these last two weeks! My first night here was pretty rough, I was sad about not being with my La Cañada friends and I was worried about finding “my people”, but things quickly changed. My floor is like 28 girls and we’re all pretty good friends! I’ve noticed that I find it a lot easier to love the people around me here, even when someone bothers me, I can quickly overlook it. There are a few people on my floor who I don’t talk to or see as much as others, but most of my better friends are in my building. Katie (my roommate) is AMAZING and we’re also practically the same person, she’s super easy to live with and a lot of fun. Seriously though, it’s kinda crazy how similar we are. My other friends are Gabby from Chicago/New York, Avery from Portland, Mackenzie from La Crescenta ( I don’t know why we had to go 18 years living 15 minutes away from each other only to go to college and live a few doors down), Jess from Calabasas, and Aisea from Idaho. My other hall friends are Izzy and Hilary, Jenny and Lina, Abby and Christine, Emily, Tyra, Olivia and Leonora, and Ali and Laura (who grew up on the same street as Ella in Connecticut, which is insane). My RA is super nice and laid back, we had a 3rd-floor tea party (we call it “Hella Tea”) and jammed out to her playlists.

I run into Mel a little bit and we’re really friendly, but we haven’t hung out. I see Seth a lot and we try to get together with him often, but our schedules are pretty different. I also run into Woojin and Brian, but not that much recently. I’ve seen Lexie twice and I would like to see her more, but she’s also a commuter, so it’s more unrealistic.

I like all my classes, but psychology has seemed kinda bland so far, despite having Kammy from my Orientation group and a girl named Lilia with me. We just don’t do that much in that class and I have a decent understanding already, so I haven’t officially started learning. However, it’s not that much of a bummer because I don’t think I’ve ever loved a class like my Writing the World Around Us class so far, I love my professor, assignments, textbooks, etc.!

LMU is so much fun and I’m so much happier here, but I wish I could spend time with all my La Cañada homies and I really miss my family and my cats.

Also, I can’t believe I actually got my nose pierced! I didn’t even almost chicken out, I’m still freaking out about it! My nose is a little sore, but it really hasn’t been that bad. Aisea and Katie also got pierced, but their ears instead.

Also, super fun fact, Jack visited me a week in on Friday, which was really nice! We went to CPK and Venice, but we mainly hangout on campus. I really like that kid.

Lizzie Bromley