First Two Months

It’s officially been two months since I’ve started classes at LMU and I can confidently say that I absolutely made the right decision when I committed here. Everyday offers a new challenge, a new adventure, new knowledge, and more perspective. I’ve been back to my hometown three times since moving in, but each time I’ve wanted to come back to LMU after a few hours.

If I’m going to be honest, my current frustration is that my two worlds seem so disconnected. I wish my favorite people from back home would come visit me at my new home, but I understand how that isn’t always a possibility. However, it still hurts.

My classes are going great. I’m really loving Race in Contemporary Society and Writing in the World Around Us, but Psychology and World Religions in Los Angeles are pretty good, too. I’m really grateful for the way my schedule ended up working out this semester. I’ll post class reviews towards the end of the semester.

I joined a club! I’m apart of a club called Her Campus, which is an online publication by college women for college women. Everyone in it is super sweet and it’s really nice having another writing outlet to keep me on top of things, other than my personal blog. I’m usually up to my ears in unwritten words.

In my last Life Update, I talked about my close friends Katie (my roommate), Avery, Mackenzie, Jess, and Aisea, and I’m still friends with all of them! I can’t believe I found “my people” so fast and I’m sure that I’ll be friends with them for life. We’ve also recently adopted Emily into our family, which has been so much fun! She’s from Kansas, so naturally now I have to go to the Midwest (even though I have major grudges against multiple people and cities out there).

Ultimately, life is awesome, but I’ve also cried a few times here. I was really freaked out because I hadn’t cried since April or something like that, but it also felt okay to be more accepting of my negative emotions, etc.

I’m really excited to see where the rest of the semester and year takes me! More updates will come later!

Lizzie Bromley