Election Thoughts

Dear everyone who is reading this,

I’m going to warn you, I’m going to be passive aggressive and upset.

I’d first like to start out saying that this is my blog. My blog.

This is a place where I find safety, so if someone ever attacks me on what I’m about to say, I will probably find it hard to trust them.

I respect all opinions regarding the election, but this is a time where many opinions aren't needed to be heard. I just have to get my thoughts out there.

On Thursday, November 10th, I cried in my race in contemporary society class.

As many know, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I donated, campaigned, and I openly supported. I didn’t vote for the “lesser of two evils”, I didn’t vote for her simply because I hated Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I do hate Trump, but I voted for Hillary because I support her. My dream of telling my kids that I voted for the first female president in my first election was ripped out of my heart in the worst way possible.

As a college age female from California, a large majority of my specific demographic was predicted to vote for Hillary. Most of my friends voted for her (if they didn’t it was Gary Johnson) and we were all under the impression that it was nearly impossible for Trump to win.

Which makes this so much harder.

Ultimately, I feel betrayed by my country. I was not aware that we live in a society that can elect a man who has sexually assaulted women, been openly sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic over a woman who was easily the most qualified person to ever run for president. I can understand how people may have reservations regarding Hillary, but there is no argument anyone can make that would make me feel like voting for Trump over Hillary is justifiable.

The thing is, I don’t care if you’re not sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, or anything else awful that Trump is. If you voted for him, you’re saying that’s okay. You’re saying that a person who embodies that image is a person who is good enough to represent our nation for four years. I don’t want to hear about your policies that align with Trump’s, I don’t want to hear that you’ll support the Republican party no matter what. I want to hear why you think it’s even slightly okay that little girls are going to grow up thinking that they can be perfectly qualified and can’t be president, but little boys are going to grow up thinking they can sexually assault people’s mothers, sisters, and daughters, and still be a good enough person to be the model citizen of the United States. Please explain to me why you think that’s even a little bit okay.

Obviously, a lot of things regarding this election have irked me. However, a few things in particular that really got to me. One was something I read on twitter from a user I won’t mention. This user talked about (before the general election) how we should repeal the 19th amendment, because if only men were allowed to vote, Trump would win by a landslide.

I grew up much more sheltered than I ever thought. I didn’t realize that there were people who not only think it’s okay to think like this, but also feel comfortable enough to tweet it on a public platform. I didn’t realize that people who mentally live in 1919 could still function in 2016! Apparently, sexism is much more prevalent than I ever thought.

Trust me, I am very aware of the systematic racism that has flourished in our society for as long as it’s existed (especially in our school systems), but I was hoping we could elect a candidate that would at least pretend to care about that kind of stuff. I can almost deal with passive racism, but active racism is really not my style.

Another was that Clinton won by a large majority within the age range of 18-25. Don’t you think this demographic matters quite a bit since it’s our future?

My favorite quote I’ve heard from my classmates is something similar to “we’ve had awful men before”. Sure, yes, you’ve got it. We have had awful men before. Don’t you think it’s time we figure it out, that we do better? Don’t you think we should stop having awful men at some point? Don’t you think it would be a good idea or are you okay with living in 1950?

Not to attack his family or his children, but I also think it’s kind of strange how his daughter is “a rich kid of New York”. That’s her claim to fame. Instagram followers and a lavish lifestyle. No real contributions to society or much to offer positively to our nation.

Yes, hearing “he’s not my president” can get old and yes, he is still the country’s president. But I also am going to maintain that mindset. I will never support him. With him as the president, I will live in constant fear for my communities. I will live in constant fear of what could happen next.

Yes, the nation’s reaction was big, but please don’t compare it to the Republican’s reaction when Obama won. It never got to this amount of passion. Please do not compare the two. No was was legitimately scared to this extent for themselves, their families, their friends, and their nation before now.

Yes, the president has limited power. Cool. Great.

The president also stands for a lot of things, including being the model citizen. Do you think Donald Trump will represent our country well? Write me an essay.

If you ever tell me that you voted for Trump, I won’t tell you we can’t be friends, but this changes a lot of things for me.

For the love of God, please just tell me He’s testing all of our faiths. If He isn’t, I don’t know how I’m going to survive the next four years.

This last week has been long. For me, college, "the four best years of your life”, is looking a little less bright right now. I quit social media for a few days and started going back on it a little more, but it feels different. I don’t know how long this will last.

Hillary, you won my vote and the popular vote by over one million. You should be president.

Love always,


Lizzie Bromley