Follow Me Around for a Day

This is a cute video I made on Friday, April 13th for my Journalism and New Media class.

When I was putting this all together I didn't think that I would turn it into a blog post, but here I am making it one!

This is a pretty accurate depiction of my life. Going to class in the morning, spending time at my friends' apartment, working on projects, roommate bonding (hooray for Sweetgreen), and hanging out with my friends at the end of the day. Special shoutout to everyone who made this day great. Whenever I see this video I remember how nice this day really was, but it really wasn't that remarkable in the grand scheme of things. The only part that really sticks out to me is the Greek Light bonding (bowling and fire pits), but other than that it was a painfully average day. Maybe that's why I like it so much. It's the best little reminder that life is so good sometimes. How blessed am I?

Featured (in order): me, Nicole (her voice), Katie, Vanessa, Sean, Kristen, Kate, John, and Alexandra!

Not featured, but still made an impact on the day: Nell, Emily, Gaia, and Brandon.

(The song that was being played on the guitar at the end was the song I mentioned in my To Guyana blog post, "A Part of Me" by Neck Deep. Always one of my favorites.)

Lizzie Bromley