Closing Sophomore Year

I had a feeling that this year was going to be interesting just based on my track records with “sophomore years”, but I had no idea what I was about to get into back in August.

It’s official! Another semester has come and gone, which is so crazy. I’m almost halfway through college. Please don’t let that be true!!

Fall semester was tough and challenging in many ways and spring semester started off that way, too. The first two months were full of tough moments, long conversations, and sad looks. I was feeling the weight of the world and while I was doing a good job of focusing on the happy things, the tough stuff was starting to get heavier and heavier. I usually had a reason to cry, but fortunately, there were many more reasons to smile and as the semester when on, I got happier and happier.

This semester was insanely better than the fall (despite two of my best friends being gone in France and New Zealand), I am so beyond grateful to admire that spring 2018 has been the best semester of my entire life. There were so many answered prayers, crazy “coincidences” (thank you, Jesus), and inspiring moments. This was a semester that I wish could last forever. Last year I said that I rather stay at LMU than go home for break, which is only partly true this time around, but for the best reasons. My heart broke this semester but was healed in the most beautiful ways. Going home this summer doesn’t feel like “going home” at all. All of Los Angeles feels like my home. No matter where I am, I’m happy to be there. Pasadena and Westchester truly have my heart. How blessed am I?

Some good things that were going on/happened this semester: Jessica visited before she flew to France, Greek Light (and everything that came with it), we got our new suitemates, I was a recruitment counselor, Pi Beta Phi truly became my home, Greek Conference and AFLV, Disneyland, got my littles!!!, going out, babysitting, Neck Deep and Blink-182, Guyana and Brazil, Ashley I, so many more amazing friends, Phebe visited!!!, CPC, Mass, Wildflowers, Her Campus, change my major, mom kept visiting, graduation, etc, etc.

Jesus!! Thank you for allowing me to walk with you more than I ever have and reaffirming my faith in you and God every single day. I am so in awe of everything you’re doing in my life, in the lives around me, and the ones around the world. I know that you are leading me to the fulfillment that I am always aspiring to have in my life! I genuinely feel like I’m truly getting closer and closer with every moment. I’m living my best life! Sophomore slump literally had nothing on me. I don’t know her.

Things to look forward to include Aisea and Jessie coming back, the new apartment, State Champs, Aly & AJ, Greek Getaway 2.0, working, new classes, hearing about abroad adventures, etc, etc.

In December I posted a blog post about Fall semester and how Katie and I always say that “first semester doesn’t count”. This spring was definitely a complete do-over. 

I’m halfway done with college and THEREFORE halfway done with LMU. I don’t want to talk about it. I was on the phone with my grandma the other day after my last final and she said the word “junior” out loud, it was a surreal moment. I don’t want this to end! I want the rest of my life to feel like college.


Lizzie Bromley