Beautiful Things

Full transparency: I have a finsta. Even more transparency: I use it pretty much exclusively to rant about the beautiful things in life and document when I cry. So I figured I could share some captions of recent posts.


I read the most wonderful thing today, so I thought that I would share it with you all: “It’s alright to be under construction”. Simple, yet beautiful! What a great reminder that it is totally okay to still be figuring things out (at any phase of life). How beautiful is it to continuously be searching for yourself? I’ve felt like I’ve been in so much pain recently (heartache?), but often times, this is what growth is and this is what growth feels like. Growing pains. Life is messy, confusing, and wild, so I feel like a lot of us find ourselves constantly needing reminders to take a moment to breathe and simply trust. To really just trust this madness. I think it’s really scary to be comfortable with discomfort, pain, and sadness, but maybe we can relabel all of that to just being comfortable with the sense that better times are coming. The uncertainty right now can be beautiful. We will just get there when the time is right.


Something special: I’ve been doing IC interviews for a few weeks now & they’re always great because I love interacting with people on campus who I’ve never encountered before, but today was insane. During the second of my three interviews, we asked the interviewee why she ranked her trip preferences in the order that she did (standard question we ask everyone) & she immediately started talking about how when she was doing research about the IC program she “found some girl's long post on her blog about her experience on IC Guyana and it was so inspiring that [she] decided to apply for the same trip". My heart stopped. S stranger that I had never interacted with before was so moved by my writing that she wanted to step outside her comfort zone & apply to go to Guyana. Can you believe that? I’m literally in awe (I ended up telling her that I wrote it). I don’t do that many interviews! Can you believe that I was in that one! My spirit is lifted up by the freakin’ Lord. A STRANGER READ MY BLOG & WAS INSPIRED. THAT NEVER HAPPENS & IF IT DOES I NEVER HEAR ABOUT IT. I’m going to sob. Then I talked to Sister Maria & Jared (another leader) for 45 minutes about faith & just wow. I love Campus Ministry!


Some thoughts:

  1. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better person

  2. It’s crazy to look at someone and think “wow, I used to be so in love with you”.

  3. I have met so many amazing people in college! I was recently given the opportunity to write down some names of people who have influenced my ~faith journey~ and I felt so lucky to know the people that I do!

  4. Do you ever think about someone and your heart just explodes with happiness and you can’t stop smiling bc they’re so great?? That is basically my entire existence when I think about a particular person

  5. Look out for the people you care about!

  6. Sometimes you don’t have the words to describe the ways in which your heart is hurting and that is okay!

Lizzie Bromley