Back for Thanksgiving

On Tuesday at 4:10 PM, my Thanksgiving break officially started.

Though I didn’t go back to my hometown until Wednesday morning after giving my grandparents a campus tour, it's only Friday night and I’m ready to go home.

I spent Wednesday at home working on homework, playing cards with my family, and hanging out with Mahli, Emma Bernstein, Julia Quinn, and Ella after dinner.

Thursday, Thanksgiving day, was pretty okay. I woke up to some Rocky cuddles and did chores until about 1:30, so I was feeling good. The food we make is always great and my family is always wonderful, despite the occasional political comments (I got a lot of comments on my Hillary sticker that’s on my laptop). I really do have so much to be thankful for, but I try to think about those things ever day, not just the designated one.

Today is Friday and I woke up to get down to LMU again to feed fish-182 and Pinch, so I made the most of it and dropped off a box full of random stuff and took some summer clothes back to La Cañada. My time down there overlapped with Aisea’s, so we got lunch together and caught each other up on the last 2 days that we were apart. Needless to say, I missed her and Doh. After I got back, I got Pistachio Toddy Lattes at Homebrewed Bar with my sweet friend Phebe! Afterwards, we went up the crest to take some pictures and caught each other up on everything’s that’s happened the last few months. It was exactly what I needed and she’s such a wonderful person.

Regarding the rest of the weekend…tomorrow I’m going to Palos Verdes and hopefully seeing Doyeon and Ashley. Sunday I’m hoping to get breakfast with Eva and get back to Doh before Katie lands. I still have homework to do!

Ultimately, I will always appreciate La Cañada, but I don’t find nearly as much happiness here as I did before I graduated. I love my friends, my cats, and my family, but my tendency to get disappointed pretty much overcomes me here. Getting dozens of texts a day about how much your friends from college miss you feels a lot better than questioning your life here. I hope these weird feelings aren’t permanent.

Lizzie Bromley