100 [More] Good Things

In November I posted a list of 100 Good Things, so I figured that I would do a  second installment (& maybe keep going?). Hold on to the happy things during the hard times! 

101. Balloon animals

102. Driving on the freeways late at night, staring at the stars, & listening to worship music

103. Art museums

104. When your little brother picks you up from a show & doesn’t complain when you blast Hilary Duff & dance in the back seat

105. Sitting in a car eating fried rice with your best friend over a lookout

106. When your grades are much higher than expected

107. Sweet wines

108. How family friends feel like real family

109. Sitting on your apartment island drinking coffee with honey & soy milk

110. How it feels to sit in comfortable silence with someone you love

111. When you can’t explain how you’re feeling, but a song can

112. Bun warmers in cars

113. Pine trees

114. That part in “What A Beautiful Name” when they say “nothing compares to this”

115. The fact that at pretty much any college you go to they’ll say something about the squirrels there being “special”

116. Rainbows

117. When restaurants serve breakfast all day

118. Having your elementary school teachers as friends on Facebook

119. When you have a wholesome conversation with your Uber driver about life, etc.

120. Group texts that exist solely to tell your friends to have kickass days

121. The brown bread at The Cheesecake Factory

122. Seeing my mom watch America’s Funniest Home Videos

123. Looking through photo albums from one of your parents’ childhood

124. Using up an entire journal

125. When long flights go by quickly

126. When bartenders card really old people just to be funny. That never gets old

127. When you find a ton of really amazing music all at once

128. When a random boy you don’t know sends you a song that you know someone else would like & it’s almost like the world aligned perfectly for that to happen

129. Silent Retreats

130. When you know that someone loves you just as much as you love them

131. Having an innocent crush that doesn’t crush your soul

132. Ohio, a very underrated state

133. The feeling of growing up & realizing that your parents were right about a lot of things

134. Seeing baby pictures of the person you are ~romantically interested in~

135. Eating an entire basket of fries by yourself

136. When you go on vacation & expect snow but don’t get it until the last day & you realize that it wouldn’t have been as fun if it was snowing the whole time so you’re actually super content.

137. When boys wear denim on denim

138. The feeling on any December 31st when you take a step back & think “this was the best year of my life.”

139. Old friends, because you can’t make old friends.

140. When your friend (against your will) tells a boy you’ve been secretly admiring that he has a secret admirer & he asks her if its you who secretly admires him & is EXCITED that you secretly admire him.

141. Looking at a fresh journal & thinking “I hope I don’t write about boys as much as I did in my last journal” & then your first entry is all about a boy & you remember that it’s okay to admire people & want to share your love for them with others

142. Being drunk in a bathroom with your best friends when suddenly someone makes everyone be quiet & starts giving a speech about how much she loves everyone in the bathroom & someone starts crying

143. When Aisea watches a random movie (like La La Land) & cries for 3 hours

144. When you’re watching the local broadcast & it’s a story about goats

145. Seeing one of your best friends on TV

146. Meeting your college friends’ parents

147. Mixing Colourpop’s Zuma & Mama lipsticks together to get the perfect color

148. When you post a picture on Instagram & you only check to see who’s liked it until a particular person does & then you stop checking because who cares

149. When you think you’re flying out of LAX but you’re really flying out of Burbank

150. The pre-chorus in Waterparks’ “Gloom Boys”

151. When your dad comes back from New York with a bunch of Muji pens for you

152. When your skin is clear

153. When you make a playlist that describes the progression of your relationship with someone & in the end it’s even better than you could have ever expected

154. Starting a new tube of toothpaste

155. Laughing with God

156. When Vanessa asks you if you want to see John Mayer with her after she graduates. The answer is yes.

157. Dressing up as Michael & Dwight for a Dynamic Duo outfit

158. John 13:7

159. Tomato soup

160. When you have absolutely no reason to not trust someone. That’s a beautiful thing. Pure trust.

161. The sky & the air after it stops raining

162. Loft dates

163. Big t-shirts

164. When your Uber driver is a Catholic man from La Cañada who has a daughter named Elizabeth (who they call Lizzie), refers to her as a “princess & angel”, lives 4 minutes away from your house at home, & used to do the same job in the navy as your uncle

165. Vitamin Water (specifically the dragonfruit flavor)

166. When people complete your Venmo request right away

167. Shows at small venues with good friends

168. Soy carmel lattes

169. Raising $44,500 for families with children battling cancer

170. Friendships that don’t ever make you feel insecure

171. When you know you have to do homework or study, but the conversations you’re participating in are too good to leave

172. When you’re walking around Spain with your friends & someone says “hey…we’re in Spain”

173. Sleepovers with your girl friends

174. When you meet your favorite author & he writes “God loves you!” In your journal

175. When someone says it’s really important to them that they’re at your confirmation

176. Journaling in the sun

177. When you go see Arms Akimbo & you catch the pick

178. Having a deep feeling that everything is going to be alright

179. Friends that make you think “wow, I am so lucky to be their friend”

180. When mass is so powerful that you cry

181. When Adam calls Eve “heaven’s best gift” in Paradise Lost

182. When you have Caesar Chavez day off, so you spend all day at your friend’s house & ending your day in the library, but having a lot of really long, good conversations along the way.

183. When you finally get the tragus piercing you’ve wanted since you were 13

184. Running into friends at the grocery store

185. Praying to God for signs & getting them & being so sure that they were actually signs & not just coincidences

186. When someone takes a picture of you and your friends & you think “I know I’m going to hate those”, but you don’t & they’re actually really cute

187. The fact that suddenly everyone at LMU is fostering dogs so there are always puppies on campus

188. When you are not covered in lint

189. The way Aaron loves Kanye’s Ghost Town

190. When you eat normal pizza & don’t feel sick afterwards

191. Feeling insecure about showing up to a Date Night dressed as a Teletubby, but people tell you how much they love it which makes you feel less awkward

192. Putting fake mustaches on your eyebrows & taking selfies with your friends like there are not giant black mustaches on your eyebrows

193. Being in love with someone & being so sure that you are definitely in love with them

194. Knowing all the songs at mass by heart

195. Getting your prints back from your disposable cameras, looking through them on the floor of your room, & remembering all the happy memories & times that you’ve had that you’re glad you captured

196. These party themes in this order: Save the Bees, Lizards & Wizards, & “Red”

197. Calling your mom

198. Taking a step back & I realizing that your life right now is exactly what you wished for a year ago

199. When you wake up from a nap & it doesn’t feel like you were hit by a bus

200. Sitting out in Sunken Gardens with your shoes off, typing a list of good things with your best friend on a warm Tuesday morning

Just like last time, I’ll send you the story that inspired writing the number down if you send it to me :)