100 Good Things

Hold on to the happy things during the hard times!

  1. Animal fries

  2. Whispering something under your breath and getting affirmed by someone who heard you

  3. Making the perfect latte

  4. Waking up fully rested

  5. When the parents you babysit for come home early, but still pay you the full amount

  6. Jean jackets

  7. Having genuine faith in something

  8. Photowalls and how individualized they can be

  9. Jessica Glassberg’s humor on Tuesday mornings in University Hall

  10. When you find out that someone kept a letter you wrote them a long time ago

  11. Inside jokes

  12. Tom Delonge’s part in Blink-182’s “I Miss You” when he says “where are you”

  13. Scrunchies

  14. 80’s Parties

  15. Finding out that someone said something really nice about you when you weren’t around

  16. How you feel when a particular person looks at you

  17. When the reading for your class is short

  18. When someone tells you they love you and they’re proud of you in the same sentence

  19. Texting someone and getting a text back that says “I was just thinking about you!”

  20. When cities hire farmers to bring hundreds of goats to eat the grassy hills to avoid fires

  21. When your best friend comes back from a year off

  22. Having good reception when you’re FaceTiming with people in other countries

  23. Oatly Oat Milk in Brooklyn Bagels Infusion coffee before work on Fridays

  24. When you tell someone about something that means a lot to you and they’re genuinely happy for you

  25. The concept of “living with randos”

  26. When someone passes you a handwritten note in class like you’re in 5th grade again

  27. John the Baptist’s book in the New Testament

  28. Sharing the love of Trader Joe’s hummus with someone

  29. Trader Joe’s in general honestly

  30. Remembering that the universe is constantly expanding and we are terribly small

  31. When a boring class goes by quickly

  32. Crying of happiness

  33. Hearing a song for the first time and thinking “this is the one”

  34. When a friend you haven’t seen in a long time comes to visit

  35. A brand new Moleskine Journal

  36. Hearing your favorite song live

  37. Making eye contact with a cute boy in traffic

  38. Friendships rooted in faith

  39. That part in High School Musical 2 when Troy cries “what about us? what about everything we’ve been through?”, but Gabriella hits him back with “what about trust?”

  40. Mr. Brightside - The Killers

  41. Good gluten-free and dairy-free pizza from Fresh Brothers or Blaze

  42. After you hold hands with someone in mass and they squeeze your hand a little bit

  43. The Jonas Brothers

  44. When you’re eating a burrito and the tortilla doesn’t break


  46. Positive news about bees

  47. Fat orange cats

  48. When you actually feel like you’re learning something valuable in class

  49. The way I cut my apples

  50. The way people react to the way I cut my apples

  51. Compassionate people

  52. Dim Sum on Easter morning

  53. Eggs Benedict and Monkey Bread on Christmas morning

  54. When something happens and you have a deep “that was God” feeling

  55. Getting confidential information and sharing that information with someone else who also got confidential information

  56. This color: 8fcb98

  57. Dry shampoo

  58. When the scripture in bible study is spot on

  59. How everyone’s handwriting is different even though we write the same words

  60. Confetti at concerts

  61. When you lend a pen to someone and they remember to give it back

  62. When you have the exact words to describe how you’re feeling

  63. When someone says “I read your blog post!”

  64. Wearing shoes that show my tattoo

  65. Nicknames

  66. The feeling you get when you walk out of an interview and know you nailed it

  67. Every moment you bike around Westchester until you almost get hit by a car

  68. Talking on the phone with your best friend (moms included) while walking down Loyola Blvd

  69. Passion projects

  70. Driving down the 10 on a Friday night, listening to music, and singing your heart out alone

  71. When someone you admire admires you, too.

  72. Being alone, but not feeling alone

  73. Really good fried rice

  74. Walking on the beach in the morning when it’s still a little chilly

  75. A really warm blanket

  76. Chocolate covered strawberries

  77. When someone sends you a song that they think you’d like and you actually like it

  78. Pink clouds

  79. That feeling you get when you’re order #1 at In-N-Out AND your cashier is named Jesus

  80. Sitting on your apartment balcony when it’s raining

  81. The scene in The Office when Pam says “I don’t think you should go to Philly tonight, I think you should stay, and I think we should fight”.

  82. When someone shows up to something you weren’t expecting them to be at and suddenly you feel more at home

  83. Lego Indiana Jones for the Xbox 360

  84. Breaking the rules at Community Table with Lexi

  85. Clean sheets and shaven legs

  86. The part in The Maine’s “Am I Pretty?” when they say “LIKE WHAT?”

  87. My Wonder Years shirt

  88. When you make eye-contact with an actor or actress while they’re on stage

  89. Every moment leading up to the moment you find out how dirty hotel rooms might actually be. Ignorance can be bliss!

  90. Sitting down with someone in Malone to finish a 2 minute story but staying for an hour and suddenly having a new friend that actually sticks

  91. Fast friends in general

  92. The sky

  93. Sitting in the back of a truck on a long drive and getting super, super dirty

  94. Critical Karaoke in a class full of interesting and beautiful people

  95. Friends who bring you deodorant when you forgot to put some on

  96. Every time my dad talks about how we should domesticate raccoons because they’re so freaking cute and would make great pets

  97. When your glasses are perfectly clean

  98. Getting froyo with someone you haven’t caught up with a long time

  99. All the moments that reminds you why you joined your sisterhood

  100. The walk from Regent’s Terrace to the Chapel

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