Get to know me.

I like to think I'm a pretty straight forward, predictable, normal person. I like to watch The Office, I’m 100% addicted to caffeine, & I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s, but growing up I was often told I'm "unique" and "out of the box". Whatever that means?

In addition to everything mentioned previously, I’m a huge fan dark chocolate, pop punk music, & watching documentaries (Dear Zachary is my favorite). I’ve seen The Office about 9 times over & will consistently make obscure references to it. At my parent's house, I have two cats named Jack and Rocky, but someday I hope to have my own frog.

I like to spend my non-existent free time either sleeping, writing, or journalling. I would describe my life as fulfilling & fun, but I’d obviously be lying if I said I lived in a constant high. But we’ll save those stories for the blog.

However, after everything, it would be wrong of my not to mention my faith. As of April 20, 2019, I’m a member of the Catholic Church. I know God, I do not just know about him. I build my life on the foundation of God’s love & as a result of that, I have a deep understanding of who I am, what I want, and what I believe in. If I had to describe my life in one sentence, it would be: “The most grateful pilgrim is the one who has finished the longest journey.” My faith is deep because I know how dark life is without it, I have seen the contrast. With God in my life, I have stopped doing thoughtless things to people, I always try to be loving, compassionate, and intentional. All my deepest desires bring joy to myself and the world.

Nothing will ever compare to a life like this.