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Welcome to my main creative outlet & best kept secret, my blog. What started as a senior year independent study project in high school that quickly turned into more of a passion project that ended up shaping me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated; this is where I post everything & anything from life updates, long-form pieces, to reflections. 

All of these words are my own. It’s pretty amazing to find people who want to read about all the things that go on in your head, so I’m honored that you found your way here.


A video of my time so far at Loyola Marymount University by the Los Angeles Loyolan — "Living a purposeful life is truly living with and for others, while also living for yourself." Junior journalism major Lizzie Bromley talks about her involvement in Sorority & Fraternity Life, her journey within her sorority and in her faith life as well as her love of Greek Light and Her Campus.

Hey, it’s Lizzie.

Los Angeles, CA | Loyola Marymount University | Journalism & Theology | INFJ | Capricorn

Let me tell you how we got here & give you a little tour.

At the end of my junior year of high school, I asked my English teacher of two years if he would want to do an independent project with me, basically asking if I could be his TA & do my own thing for a class period.

Luckily for me, he said yes.

So my senior year of high school, I started a little blog called “Tower of Eza” where I ended up posting a few essays that I wrote for college applications, including To the Pasadena Tournament of Roses & Charles Runnels.

Fast forward to May 2016, Tower of Eza slowly, but surely, became something I was pretty proud of & something I wanted to keep going.

So, I did.

While Tower of Eza eventually became Brisk Ambition & Brisk Ambition turned into my name, this blog has been with me through some of my most transformational moments (see To Guyana & Silent, but Not Empty).

This blog is my favorite medium & a huge part of me. I share so much of my life & thoughts on here, it’s seen me through graduating high school, starting college, my first real relationship, & a few trips abroad. It’s been with me through 3 piercings, a tattoo, & hundreds of dilemmas. If you want to read about changes from year to year, see May 16, 2016, May 16, 2017, & May 16, 2018.

But that’s enough from me for now, feel free to explore.

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